Introducing “The Minimalist Jewelry Corner” by Cynthia Dillon…

A Collection of “mini” braceletsearringspendantsrings … to be featured on our website…

“From 1800 – 1850, “a transcendentalist philosophy took hold in America and is popularized by the likes of Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau. They held the idealistic view that insight and enlightenment can be gained through solitude and simplicity, such as illustrated in the book Walden.

While not expressly stated as minimalism at this time, this new approach to simplicity is something that we would continue to see evolve for years to come…” More


Cynthia Dillon

Cynthia Dillon uniquely transforms an idea into a sculpture and/or design, combining her rich multicultural experience with exquisite craftsmanship.

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